Smith & Wesson M&P Series Vantage™ Weapon Light Holsters



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Solid holster, highest quality craftsmanship

This is the second holster I've ordered for my M&Ps. Holster is rock solid. My M2.0 with XC1 WML fits perfectly, has solid retention, easy draw, and smooth reholster. Kydex is high quality and extremely well build.


I could not be more impressed!

I received this holster in the mail today and I can honestly say that I am thoroughly impressed by the great quality and attention to detail. The polymer they use to make thier holsters (Boltoron) is really top notch and seems to be extremely durable. Holstering and unholstering has just the right amount of ease and positivity without being difficult or too simple. My M&P M2.0 .40 S&W 5" FDE fits nicely in this holster and I cannot wait to get to the range. Cheers to HTC for making such a great product. I will be recommending thier products to others.

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