About Us

High Threat ConcealmentTM (HTCTM) is a small business specializing in the development of low profile tactical gear for close protection and/or low visibility operations in both permissive and non-permissive environments. Necessity is the mother of all invention, and that has certainly been the driving force behind the creation of HTC™.  What started years ago as a quick solution to increased restrictions on the visible profile of protective details has quickly evolved into some of the most cutting edge, low-profile tactical equipment on the market. 

HTCTM products are designed by those who have used this gear in some of the world's most austere and dangerous environments. We incorporate feedback from the men and women using our gear while in harm's way and drive our company by our motto... Tactical Gear Evolved™.  Our modular and minimalist designs allow operators the unique ability to tailor the equipment to specific mission requirements and carry the gear they need while reducing the tactical profile of their appearance. Our concept is simple…  Maintain low visibility without sacrificing your ability to effectively react to and engage threats. Our gear is ideally suited for those assigned to dignitary / executive protection details or for any unit operating in non-permissive or semi-permissive high-threat environments. HTC™ utilizes the latest in compression molding, vacuum forming, and injection molding - along with the highest quality thermoplastics and Mil-spec hardware to make some of the most effective, low profile tactical gear available today.  All HTC™ products and accessories are proudly manufactured in the USA.  We go to great lengths to ensure that, whenever possible, the components and tools used to manufacture our gear are also sourced domestically. 

Our products are currently fielded by security contractors, federal agents, military units, and government personnel around the globe. We are an approved vendor for the Department of State and are registered with SAM, OCRA, and D&B. Our D-U-N-S number is 031025156. Our Cage Code is 6JA43.

Check back with us often and be sure to visit our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter (@HTCTactical) to keep up with the latest information as well as new and upcoming HTCTM products.